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Flower Power Bath Soak

Flower Power Bath Soak

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Relax, unwind and enjoy a warm soak in the bath while our carefully chosen blend of salts, essential oils and botanicals provide a home spa experience.  

The Salt Blend: Epsom salt, Himalayan Pink salt, Mediterranean Sea salt, Dendritic salt

The Fragrance Blend:  An intoxicating blend of orange blossoms and jasmine.

The Benefits:

  • Epsom salt - Absorbed through the skin when dissolved and thought to replenish the body's magnesium levels, as well as promote relaxation, ease pain, improve circulation and eliminate toxins. 
  • Mediterranean Sea salt - Rich in minerals including potassium, iodine and magnesium.  Sea salt is thought to relax muscles, ease tension and eliminate toxins
  • Himalayan Pink salt - Contains 40+ minerals 


Each package contains 12 oz of bath soak and comes with a wooden scoop and muslin or jute bag.  Add desired amount of soak to bag and place under warm running water.  The tied bag will keep the botanicals from going down the drain and is reusable. 

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Mediterranean Sea salt, Dendritic salt, Fragrance, Rose petals, Jasmine buds, Chamomile buds, Calendula petals, Cornflower petals.

Please note: To ensure freshness and quality each item is handmade on a small scale so there may be slight differences in appearance from batch to batch.